Build muscle and lose fat. Get leaner, get stronger, live longer.

Who Am I?

about-robMy name is Rob.

I’ve been training for strength, muscle gain and fat loss for over 4 years now.

I’m nowhere near the goals I want to achieve, but I’ve come a long way since I started.

I’m the type of person who really absorbs myself in a subject if I’m really interested in it. I’ve read a lot, tried a lot, and can pass on a lot that will be helpful to you if you want to look good and get strong.

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done things the wrong way, with respect to lifting and my diet.

I had a borderline eating disorder at one point. Now I can happily eat ice cream whilst still getting lean enough to see my abs.

I was scared of the free weights section of the gym and would feel intimidated and leave soon after entering. Now I can deadlift 2.5 times my own bodyweight and I’ve got a 2x bodyweight squat in my sights.

If I can help just one person through this site, I’ll be happy. I’d love to know that something had helped you. If it does, let me know!

I’m on Twitter and Instagram too, follow me!

This site will help you to:

  • Understand what you need to do to build muscle and have an amazing physique.
  • Understand how fat loss occurs so you can get absolutely shredded and see your abs!
  • Get over your fear of the gym. I was once scared to enter the free weights section of the gym and would quickly leave it again after entering!
  • Figure out how to achieve your strength and body composition goals. Want to deadlift 3 times your bodyweight? Want to have Ryan Reynolds body? We can work on that…
  • Recognise the bullshit that is constantly thrown around on these subjects.
  • Understand the timescales that results will take.
  • Develop the right mindset and attitude to get the results you want.
  • Understand how no foods are “good” or “bad” – it is the sum of your diet over the course of weeks and months that is “good” or “bad”.

Get Started Now!

Pick a goal:

I want to lose fat.

I want to build muscle.

You can’t do these at the same time. Do one, then the other.

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