Hi, my name is Rob.

about-robThat’s me looking stupidly serious, doing some really light triceps pushdowns with the rope attachment.

I’ve been training for strength, muscle gain and fat loss for over 7 years now.

I’m still nowhere near the goals I want to achieve, but I’ve come a long way since I started.

Who Is Rob and Why Should I Listen to Him? He Doesn’t Even Really Look Like He Lifts!

Let me start at the beginning (story time).

I was fairly athletic at school. Played rugby, football (not the American kind, the kind where you mostly use your feet) and I was a sprinter on the athletics team too. I stayed active, playing football at university.

I wasn’t the overweight kid growing up, so it really shocked me when I looked at myself in my mid-twenties and saw a skinny fat, tired, stressed, man with a receding hairline looking back at me.

In 2014, I decided to start going to the gym.

At the start, I was too scared to venture into the free weights area, so I just did machines. I slowly educated myself and grew in confidence until I was able to transition to the area of the gym where physiques of gods are carved out.

Over the next few years I made every mistake you can make in the gym, and believed every fad you can believe relating to diet.

I spent several years sifting the good information from the bad.

Eventually I realised that getting in shape is WAY SIMPLER than the industry wants you to believe. It’s not necessarily easy. It’s just nowhere near as complicated as people have been led to believe.

Yes, you’ve been lied to.

As soon as I doubled down on a handful of major things that really matter, my results took off. Whilst people I knew were spending hundreds on supplements every month, I stopped buying all of them. Whilst others were trying paleo, keto or intermittent fasting, I was getting results whilst including pizza and chocolate in my regular diet.

Then In 2018 a Major Event Happened

I became a dad. Best thing ever.

Also, REALLY challenging for staying in shape. Working full time. Getting awful sleep. Wanting to see your wife and child. Having a full time job.

I had to figure out how to at least maintain what I had built, whilst navigating the challenges of being a new dad.

I figured out how to get the same or better results whilst spending only about 25% of the time in the gym as before. I got into photoshoot lean shape (the pictures you see around my site are when I had a 5 month old at home).

After that photoshoot I put on more size and have been consistently adding more strength, becoming the strongest version of myself.

So many people give up on fitness when they become parents. I want to show you that you don’t have to.

This is more important than ever now. You need to set the right example for your kids. Health is more important than ever, and maintain it as you grow older. You need to keep up with your kids, and put your health and longevity first as you age.

I Can Help You.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes, I’ve come a long way and I can help you navigate the same minefield.

I flirted with an eating disorder at one point. Now I can happily eat ice cream whilst still getting lean enough to see my abs.

I was scared of the free weights section of the gym and would feel intimidated and leave soon after entering. Now I can deadlift 2.5 times my own bodyweight and I’ve got a 2x bodyweight squat in my sights.

I gave myself injuries because I was too stupid and stubborn. I thought I’d never be able to bench press or overhead press again. Now I’m stronger than I ever was on those movements.

Now I help people like you to overcome the BS of the fitness industry, lose fat and build muscle whilst spending WAY less time in the gym, and making smarter nutritional choices that don’t alienate all of your family and friends.

If this sounds like something you need help with, enquire about online coaching here. By working with me, you shortcut the process of figuring everything out on your own and avoid the potential negative consequences. I sometimes have a waiting list so it’s not always possible to work with me immediately.

I’m on Twitter and Instagram too, follow me! Also, check out this link for some free content! I run free challenges/kickstarts in a group online setting and I’ve got some free ebooks and training programs!