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Fat Burners: The Truth!

Things that Won’t help You to Lose Fat: Fat Burners

Fat burners – do they work? Short answer: No. Blog post over. “But why not?” I hear you cry. OK, the explanation, why fat burners don’t work The only way you will lose fat is by being in a calorie deficit. This means eating fewer calories than your “maintenance” – a particular number of calories…
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your cheat days could be the reason you're not making progress

Bullshit I’ve Overheard this Week – Volume 1: Cheat Meals

I’ve done all kinds of rubbish that was a waste of time and a waste of my energy thinking about it. Some of the bullshit I got sucked in by was: The paleo diet Fat burners Fasted cardio Starvation mode “Cheat” meals/days I remember what it was like for myself when I was just starting…
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gloves don't help you to lift weights

Stuff You Don’t Need – Part 1: Gloves

In many gyms, you’ll see people using gloves while they lift weights. This is because constantly gripping the knurlings (the rough, grippy parts) of barbells and dumbells will quite quickly give you calluses, usually where the base of your fingers meet the palm of your hand. People wear gloves to stop this happening. But is…
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bullshit overheard in the gym

Bullshit Overheard in the Gym

Unfortunately there’s a lot of false information spread in the average gym. Usually by people who talk too much and don’t know enough. When you hear advice being thrown around in the gym (even by qualified PTs) it’s a good idea to follow the Pareto Principle. This is also known as the 80:20 rule. You can…
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