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Why You Should Change Your Mind

How often do you change your mind on something? People often think that changing their views on something is a sign of weakness and a indicates a lack of character. ​I actually think it’s the opposite. It takes a lot of guts to change your mind, especially if you’ve been vocal on something and ESPECIALLY…
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balance maintenance calories

What is Meant by “Maintenance Calories”?

One of the most important concepts you need to understand, whether you want to lose fat, or build muscle, is the concept of maintenance calories. Your maintenance calories and how many calories you actually take in on an average day, is going to be what determines 80 – 90% of your results. Quick Recap: What…
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StrengthLog Review

StrengthLog Review – Workout Tracking App

Recently, I’ve been using StrengthLog to track and analyse my workouts. The app has been fantastic to use and has really added an extra layer of analysis to my training that has been incredibly valuable. Progressive Overload If you want to gain muscle, you need to be doing progressively more and more over time. This…
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Strength Training Plan For Building Muscle When You Have No Time

What should you do if you barely have any time to train? You definitely shouldn’t do nothing! Something is A LOT better than nothing. In fact, a minimal plan may actually be the best plan you could follow. The following post is adapted from a thread I had on twitter that went viral. Read on…
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How To Estimate Your Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat percentage is quite literally the percentage of your mass that is made up by fat. If you weigh 200 lbs at 10% body fat, you will have 20 lbs of fat on your body and the rest (180 lbs) will be lean mass – muscle, bone, skin, organs etc. and some water. Weigh…
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How to Effectively Warm Up Before a Weight Session – The Ultimate Guide

This excellent guide is a guest post from Ben of Gram Fitness. This guide is designed for lifters short on time, who want to know how they should be warming up before a lifting session. This guide busts some common myths, provides a simple routine you can follow and links you to examples so you…
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Cardio or Weights for Fat Loss?

This post is a guest post by Ben Leeder, online coach. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (links below). About the Author: “My name is Ben Leeder, and I’m an Online Coach, trying to help people achieve goals they didn’t think they even could. Health and Fitness can be a very overwhelming place to be.…
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Crossgrips Review Featured Image

Crossgrips Review: Way Better Than a Regular Doorway Pullup Bar!

Somewhere to do pullups is an absolute must if you’re looking to develop an impressive back, at home. For years, I’ve been using standard doorway pullup bars. They’ve been pretty good. I was able to pull myself up on them, and they held my weight PLUS some, even when I weighed 100kg and was adding…
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Pso-Rite and Pso-Spine Review

I recently received a Pso-Spine for Christmas, and loved it so much that I sought out the Pso-Rite as well! What follows is a completely unbiased review of both. What are Pso-Spine and Pso-Rite? Quite simply, they are recovery tools. They’re kind of similar to a foam roller, or a lacrosse ball, but also completely…
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7 Common Mistakes People Make with Fat Loss

Fat loss is a bit of a minefield with all of the conflicting information, some of it trustworthy (and much of it not!). Here’s 7 common mistakes people make regarding fat loss. This post has been spawned by a recent series of posts I did on Instagram (follow me here!). I thought all of the…
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