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How to Make Fitness Habits Stick

How do you build up discipline and willpower? People who learn of some of my habits say “I wish I had your discipline.” But no one is born with a great level of discipline. As humans, we naturally seek the path of least resistance. We follow the dopamine spikes. We do things that feel good…
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Can Dieting Really Be Flexible?

Can you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate, doughnuts or whatever else you fancy, and still lose fat? Or do you have to eat the same things all of the time, and eliminate anything containing sugar, or sugar and fats together? My experience with flexible dieting I used to do the Paleo diet. I lost fat.…
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How to Avoid Ruining Your Diet at Work

Workplaces are often where fat loss efforts are ruined. Here’s why: People leave open packets of cookies, boxes of doughnuts and other free food in the kitchen. People bring snacks and “treats” back from their holidays. You make everyone else feel bad if you tell them you’re on a diet. People will try to get…
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Can Intermittent Fasting Help You Lose Fat?

.Being in the health and fitness space, people often tell me about their new diets or fitness plans. This happened the other day: “Hey Rob, I’m trying intermittent fasting!” “Oh cool, do you find it helps you to eat less?” “Uh, no – I just only eat within a 6 hours window now, usually between…
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How to get started at the gym

How do you get started at the gym? How do you go from nothing, which you do now, to being seriously strong, with a head turning physique? Many will tell you that you need to be doing free weights and bodyweight exercises if you want to build serious strength that transfers over to the real…
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strength training reasons featured

10 Reasons You Should Be Strength Training

Strength training will get you an impressive and aesthetic looking physique. But is that really worth it for all the time you have to invest? Depends how important that is to you. The good news is, that’s not the end of the benefits BY ANY MEANS! Here’s some of the best benefits of strength training…
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featured image lose strength break from gym

Why You Lose Some Strength After a Break From the Gym

Do you lose muscle when you go on a two week break from the gym (or longer)? It can feel like that has happened, especially when you’re not able to lift the same as you did on your last visit. However, there are other things at play here, and the short answer is no, you…
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new bulking strategy

How To Minimise Fat Gain When Gaining Muscle

After getting very lean (I naturally find this easier to do), it’s time for a muscle building phase. This requires the intake of more food! Unfortunately, there’s a problem that always seems to rear its ugly head whenever I do this, I get fat too quickly! It happens pretty much every time I try to…
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burgers for bulking

Can I Eat As Much As I Want When Bulking?

One of the biggest reasons people fail to gain any muscle is because they simply don’t eat enough. You can: Train properly with progressive overload Get 0.8g+ of protein per lb of your bodyweight every day Follow a great routine Get the required amount of recovery Minimise stress But even if you do all that…
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how to deal with haters of your fitness journey featured

Haters Gonna Hate (and how to deal with it)

Do you receive hate for wanting to make a positive change? When I first started working out and changing what I ate 4 and a half years ago I was met with an incredible amount of resistance from friends and family. My girlfriend was supportive (she’s a good one, she’s now my wife) but almost…
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