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Starvation Mode is Bullshit

“My fat loss has just completely stopped, I think I’m not eating enough to lose fat!” “I was losing fat, but it’s not shifting anymore. Could I be in starvation mode?” Don’t ever utter words like that. If you ever get frustrated that you can’t lose any more fat, and you think even for a…
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Discipline is a Muscle – You Need to Train It

I wake up in the morning at 5am to train before work. I write on my commute, and study for my qualifications on the way home. When people ever ask me what time I need to get up to train before work, or how I find time to study around a full time job, training…
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The Greatest Muscle Building Secrets No One Talks About

Build 10kg of solid muscle in 27 days! Put 20kg on your bench press in 2 weeks! Get on the fast-track to size! This post will tell you how to do NONE of these things. That’s because they’re not possible (barring maybe the last one – depends what your definition of “fast-track” is). Fitness marketing…
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Fat Loss for Beginners

It wasn’t January when I got into fitness. It was four and a half years ago in June 2014. Ironically, this was spurred by something that happened when I was attending a funeral. Before it started, we were waiting outside and my phone rang. It was my sister. “Robert, you’ve got to come straight away!”…
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Gym Mistakes to Avoid: I’ve Made All of These!

Following on from the last post, “Every Nutrition Mistake I Ever Made”, I thought it would be worth also doing one looking at all of the lifting and exercise mistakes I ever made. Once again it’s worth stating that everyone’s journey is about learning lessons as you go. Don’t try to be perfect straight away.…
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Every Nutrition Mistake I Ever Made

When I first started working out, it wasn’t long before I realised that not paying any attention to my nutrition was probably a big mistake. I didn’t want my diet, or lack of attention to it, to negatively impact the work I was putting in. The problem was, I didn’t really know where to begin.…
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The Fundamentals of Training for 95% of Your Results

Building muscle and losing fat are very simple. There’s no need to over-complicate them – focus on perfecting the fundamentals FIRST. There’s too much “gossip” thrown around online and in the gym about cool sounding techniques people are using to (apparently) get incredible results. Ignore it. Most of it is not relevant to you (or…
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Can You Still Eat Out if You’re Tracking Calories and Macros?

One of the biggest causes of stress for some people who track their macros or calories, is eating out. You’re not going to know how many calories and macros are in restaurant or fast food. As long as it’s just a one off and you’re not doing this all the time, you need to relax…
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Plateau? Here’s how to Break Through It

At some point during your strength training journey, you may find you’ve hit a plateau. The weights just aren’t flying up anymore. It seems like you’ve been lifting the same weights for months. Workouts are getting more difficult. You’ve hit a plateau! This can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, no matter what you try, it…
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Cardio Does Not Burn Fat!

Ask people in the gym, why they’re doing cardio and you’ll get a range of answers. Some of them will say “to burn fat”. Depending on what else they’re doing, they might be completely wasting their time. Cardio does not burn fat. This is a common misconception. In fact, there is nothing you can do…
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