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Plateau? Here’s how to Break Through It

At some point during your strength training journey, you may find you’ve hit a plateau. The weights just aren’t flying up anymore. It seems like you’ve been lifting the same weights for months. Workouts are getting more difficult. You’ve hit a plateau! This can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, no matter what you try, it…
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Cardio Does Not Burn Fat!

Ask people in the gym, why they’re doing cardio and you’ll get a range of answers. Some of them will say “to burn fat”. Depending on what else they’re doing, they might be completely wasting their time. Cardio does not burn fat. This is a common misconception. In fact, there is nothing you can do…
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stop testing your one rep max

Stop Testing Your Strength and Start Building It!

You should not be lifting your absolute maximum in the gym often! If you’re doing this every week, or worse, every workout, then you could be really holding back your own progress. I’ve been there myself… When I had been training about a year and a half, I had progressed quite well with my deadlifts.…
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Food Shop by a Gym Guy

Food Shop for a Fat Loss or Muscle Building Goal

Going to the gym, strictly following a workout plan and watching what you eat is supposed to be expensive, right? Won’t your food shop have to contain lots of special foods? It’s probably going to cost loads of money too, yeah? No! It doesn’t have to! If you were to see my food shop you…
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fat burner pills

Fat Burner Pills: Do they Work or Are they a Scam?

You’re browsing your favourite online protein store and you see something under the “products you may be interested in” heading: fat burner pills. ”So I can just pop some of these and the fat will just melt away from my body?” This happens to all of us at some point on the road to pursuing…
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The Best Way to Choose a Protein Shake or other Protein Supplement

Choosing a protein shake can be a bit of a minefield. You’ve got whey protein, casein, soy, pea, vegan etc. You’ve got isolate, concentrate, “extreme” etc. Then there’s mass gainers, diet shakes, meal replacements etc. Then you’ve got all of those other, non shake, forms of protein supplements. The bars, cookies, bread, cereal etc. Before…
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Do Diets Work to Keep Weight Off?

Have you ever heard someone say the following about a particular diet or diets in general? “Diets don’t work – you just regain all of the weight after you come off of them.” This is one of the most maddening things someone who understands weight loss can hear. I can tell you why you regained…
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Good Fats: Are they Really Good?

I get it. You want to lose fat. You also want to eat things that taste good. That’s why it’s so tempting to believe things like “eating fat burns fat!” or “it’s ok, they’re good fats!” Eating fat does not burn fat The only thing that burns fat is being in a calorie deficit. You…
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Strategies for When Your Diet Goes Off Track

It happens. Sometimes you just can’t keep track of everything you eat, or you say “f**k it! I’m going to enjoy myself at this BBQ/Wedding/Holiday!” Life gets in the way, and sometimes it should! You can’t bring your digital scales to the restaurant and start pulling apart the meal they’ve put in front of you.…
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Protein: How Much Protein is Needed to Build Muscle?

Protein is the one macronutrient everyone is obsessed with! You’ll see all kinds of things sold in the shops with the word slapped across the packaging. These range from “protein packed” bars and snacks, cereals that are “fortified with protein” and so on. Why are we all so obsessed with this macronutrient? It is what…
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