Group Coaching

Group coaching is a more affordable way for you to receive guidance and support on your fitness journey.

I’ll show you how to make this work with an efficient plan that is easy to fit in alongside a busy job or when you have young kids!

  • If you’re looking for a way to lose a lot of fat, despite being incredibly busy with a lot of work and family commitments, I can help you.
  • If you want to build muscle and transform your body with the absolute minimum time investment, I can help you.
  • If you’d like to be a parent whose kids look at them in awe because of their “action figure physique” and apparent super-hero strength, but you currently lack the time to work out and prepare healthy meals, I can help you.
  • If you’d like to recapture your spouse’s attention, without neglecting them by spending all your time in the gym, I can help you.

Real life doesn’t let you be perfect. You need a new approach.

My methods openly defy much of the advice you’ve seen before.

All the programs you’ve ever been on have had you doing lots of workouts with a load of exercises and sets.

Most training programs will have at least 3 or 4 sessions per week of 1 hour or more.

When you’re a parent or busy career person, you just can’t reliably commit to that!

20 year old personal trainers who live alone with no kids will tell you you’ve just got to MAKE the time.

Then there’s the nutrition side of things! Your life just doesn’t allow you to follow a meal plan, and figuring out what you can or can’t eat takes up even more time.

The truth is you can do WAY less than this and get results that are JUST AS GOOD.

You don’t need anywhere near as much training as personal trainers and the fitness industry would have you believe AND you can lose fat without cutting out your favourite foods or following a meal plan!

There’s too many coaches telling middle aged clients with kids to work out for 6 hours per week, track every morsel of food and get their workouts in at 4am before their kids wake up.

Frankly, it’s laughable.

I’ve been where you are now.

I had a busy 9-5 job (7-7 with commuting) working in digital marketing whilst being a parent to two young kids.

I’ve had the nights where you get 5 hours of sleep whilst waking up 10 times.

I know that typical fitness advice is pretty much impossible in this context.

You might be able to keep it up for a couple of weeks, but the result in the end is that you inevitably quit.

To get real results, you need to stay committed for the long term.

This is why my methods are all designed to require the minimum time and mental energy from you, so you can still make progress when life is trying to kick your ass!

Most exercise recommendations are way overboard. It doesn’t suit most personal trainers and gyms to tell people that they actually need to workout much less to get better results…

I’ve done the research and read the studies that show that for most people, focusing on the minimum effective dose actually gets you the same or better results.

I apply this knowledge to my training programs so my clients do a fraction of what everyone else is doing (think 20 minutes workouts, or shorter!) whilst still making amazing progress!

My Discovery of This Unique Approach

When my son was born and I was working a busy job (and not sleeping), I realised I’d never be able to keep up my old fitness routine.

I started experimenting with shorter workouts and a completely new approach to lifting weights and found that I was actually getting BETTER results!

This eventually culminated in a new routine of 4×20 minute workouts per week that I could keep up easily.

This could also be adapted to 2×40 minute workouts, 3×25, 5×15 or whatever frequency/duration is easiest for you!

This is now the system I use with my clients to get them transformational results despite busy lives with kids, and not enough time to follow a conventional workout program.

You will only focus on a handful of exercises (making the learning curve easier) and you will lift in a certain way to get the biggest possible stimulus out of the significantly smaller amount of work I’ll have you do.

Training with these methods will also be significantly easier on your joints due to the loads and tempo used. You are very unlikely to get injured if you follow the directions properly!

Whether you’ve got access to a full gym, a few bits of home equipment (dumbbells/pullup bar) or just your own bodyweight, I can help you get results!

Here’s How GROUP Coaching Works:

  • You access your program through my online learning portal, where you’ll have access to videos, text based lessons, recipes and guides/resources to help you with everything you need to know about working out, nutrition, recovery etc.
  • You work through the online material and join a group chat with other members and myself, where you get support, customisation to your program, answers to your questions, accountability and motivation!
  • ¬†There are bi-weekly group coaching calls and weekly check-in emails for you to join and submit, keeping you on track.
  • Access to my training app where you can track your workouts, track meals, track body stats, save and compare progress pics, see your goals, etc.
  • Exercise technique/form demonstration videos and explanations for all exercises.
  • Customised updates to your program as you progress.
  • Various program options and templates, including the home training system that I used to keep on track during a year of Coronavirus lockdowns, including what equipment to buy that will help you get the best results – without breaking the bank or taking up loads of space!
  • Access to any digital product I have for sale.

Some of what the online material covers:

  • How to get amazing results with short workouts.
  • Why longer workouts are wasting your time and potentially making your results worse!
  • The specific exercises you can safely cut out without harming progress.
  • The 6 exercises your program should be centred around for maximum results in the minimum time (and what to substitute if you can’t do them).
  • The time efficient set and rep scheme you should follow to build strength while you lose fat.
  • How much rest you need to recover adequately and minimise your time in gym.
  • The workout building tricks I use to spend the minimum time setting up, loading and unloading weights, or fighting for popular equipment.
  • Hacks to cut gym time further – exercise order, equipment to use and avoid, gym mindset and working to the clock!
  • The pointless things you can stop doing right now to claw back hours per week!
  • How to apply these principles to home training – so you can get results without setting foot in the gym!
  • How a blended gym + home approach can get you the best results whilst spending the absolute minimum time in the gym!
  • The 3 small pieces of equipment you can use at home to get head-turning results!
  • The nutrition protocol you need to follow to get fat loss results (that doesn’t place any foods off limits).
  • All the necessary information you need to know about nutrition – none of the time wasting stuff that won’t make a difference.
  • Learn which exact things you must worry about for fat loss, and everything else you can safely ignore and stop wasting your time reading about!
  • How you should approach your gym sessions so you get the maximum out of them in the minimum time – exercise order, time saving tricks, which equipment to avoid etc.
  • Which supplements are worth taking and which ones are a complete waste of time and money.
  • The rapid warm-up protocol that will keep you injury-free without taking up all your workout time.
  • The home training system that I used to make progress during a year of Coronavirus lockdowns, including what equipment to buy that will help you get the best results – without breaking the bank or taking up loads of space!

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