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Build muscle and lose fat. Get leaner, get stronger, live longer.

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    Do you want to lose fat, be ripped, have a six-pack or gain serious muscle?

    Want to have more confidence in your body?

    Want to proudly walk around at the beach or by the pool with the knowledge that your body looks amazing?

    Maybe you want to have more confidence to approach members of the opposite sex and even have them approach you.

    Do you want a body that is lean and athletic, and looks “toned”? (I’ll also explain to you what’s wrong with this word)

    Apply for coaching today!

    I’ve spent the last five years reading everything I could find about diet, nutrition, strength training, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

    I’ve tried many things. Loads of them didn’t work. Some of them did.

    I’m strong, I’m beyond happy with the way I look (and happy I know how to maintain it forever). I have more energy than ever. I can genuinely say that strength training and eating properly has changed my life.

    I want to teach you everything that worked

    What’s more, I want to teach you how to do it optimally so you get the absolute best results!

    You may want to pack on muscle, but you want to do it whilst keeping fat gain to the absolute minimum.

    You may want to lose fat, but you want to lose fat while still eating the foods you love and not having any “banned foods”. You don’t want to develop an unhealthy restrict and binge relationship with food.

    I will help you with either of these things.

    You will achieve results faster than me because I will ensure you apply the right principles from the very start (and steer clear of distractions that don’t work). You won’t waste time exploring dead ends and ideas that don’t work, like I did.

    The best thing about what I’ve learned is this:

    I now understand how fat loss, fat gain and muscle gain all work. I am safe in the knowledge that I will be able to stay lean for the rest of my life and continue to add muscle.

    Allow me to teach you and you will be able to say the same.

    It’s great having people who are out of shape watch me eating some ice cream, or a McDonald’s breakfast, and say:

    “YOU, of all people, are eating THAT!?

    Obviously it’s not my every day, and most of what I eat  is good, healthy food. But I know when I can indulge, and how much I can afford to indulge!

    Want to know how you can do this too?

    I can pass this knowledge on to you through intensive online coaching.

    It took me four years to learn all of this and get to my current level. If we eliminate all of the mistakes I made, YOU can get here much quicker.

    You don’t have to be coached by me for two years (to be honest, you shouldn’t still need me 6 months from now), but in that amount of time it is possible for you to see the results I have seen in four. I’d be willing to bet good money that you’ll probably look better than I do now.

    Six months into our relationship you’ll be streets ahead of everyone else trying to figure it all out on their own (like I was).

    Here’s What You Will Get:

    • I will devise a workout plan completely tailored to your goals. I will never give two people the same plan.
    • Your custom plan will be a 12 month macro cycle, fully planned out with multiple different mesocycle “blocks” – e.g. 6 blocks of 2 months – each with a focus and/or objective that changes based on your progress.
    • Education on how fat loss and fat gain work so you can effortlessly lose fat without cutting out any particular food – no more labelling things as bad and avoiding them completely!
    • Education on how gaining muscle works so you can do it most effectively and NOT GET FAT whilst doing it.
    • I will review videos of you in the gym, give form critique and mental cues that you can apply next time. I’ll also provide you with best practice technique videos.
    • 24/7 access to me via email.
    • 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp – I will respond within a reasonable time frame.
    • A weekly 30 minute skype/WhatsApp video call where we cover your training and diet plan, go over any obstacles you faced, and discuss anything you want.

    Unbelievable Value to Help You in the Gym

    • Exercise coaching – ask me any questions about any exercise and I will draw on my years of experience to help you do it right.
    • Send me videos of you in the gym and I will critique your form, offering you tips to improve.
    • Request a form video – ask me and I will send you back a video of me performing the exercise in question with proper form.

    Incredible Value to Help You Eat What You Want and Still Transform

    • Bespoke flexible dieting/flexible meal plan (not a list of things you have to eat)
    • NO RIGID DIET PLANS. There’s nothing you cannot eat, and nothing you MUST eat. You’ll learn why this is.
    • I’ll tell you how much you should be eating for your goal (as well as the macronutrient split), and help you identify foods that fit the goal well (although we can fit in any food).
    • I’ll teach you how to track calories and macros. I recommend you do this for at least 30 days. After that you can estimate, but best results will come from tracking. If you can’t make the effort to learn how to do this and put it in place, then I think my methods are not for you.
    • I’ll allow and encourage you to eat ANY food you like or want and I’ll teach you how you can do this without sabotaging ANY progress.
    • Flexible life training (the strategies I use to stay on plan, no matter what comes up!)
    • Go-to recipes to easily hit macros
    • Batch cooking training
    • Grocery Shopping list templates
    • Time optimisation coaching – so I can teach you the strategies to get the most out of your training in the minimum time, and prepare the food that will get you results, without spending hours in the kitchen.
    • Supplement advice
    • Breaking down protein shake choices, I’ll tell you exactly which ones are worth ordering and teach you how to figure it out too.

    You’ll also get this:

    • You will learn all of the tricks I’ve learned (like how to prepare a week’s worth of lunches for work that will keep you on plan and save money, in 45 minutes)
    • I will provide example recipes, meals and snacks that fit your goals and any other requirements.
    • I’ll be completely flexible to your desires. If you want to eat microwave meals or McDonald’s for every single meal, I’ll find a way to accommodate that while we still move towards your goal.
    • An ebook breaking down exactly what you need to do, containing all of the secrets of my success. (coming soon)
    • Access to a daily email series, which will take you step by step through the process of what you need to do.
    • My personal diet plan, so you can see what I’m eating to reveal my abs and get shredded.
    • My personal training routine – so you can see exactly what I do in the gym to maintain or build strength and muscle.
    • Any future paid products I release will be free to you, on request. I have 2 in the pipeline already.
    • It isn’t going to be easy, so you’ll benefit from my years of experience grinding through tough periods of losing fat, gaining muscle, staying on track and being consistent.
    • This is a mental process as well as a physical one. I will give you tips that will help you stick with it when you want to quit.

    An Idea of what results to expect:

    Month 1: You’ll understand how fat loss or muscle gain works. You will be eating whatever foods you like with one of these goals in mind.
    By Month 2: You should start seeing some results.
    Around Month 3: Other people will start noticing results.
    Month 4: You should be noticing some very nice strength increases by now.
    Month 5: If your goal is fat loss people will start asking you how you’re doing it. If your goal is muscle gain, you should now be seeing small increases each month.
    By Month 6: You will now be very well versed in the reasons that fat loss and muscle gain happen, be confident in your diet choices for either goal, and no longer need to track everything you eat. You’ll be seeing improvements every month and you’ll be on the road to having made a change for life.

    Take the first step to changing your life now:

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      I consent to sharing my email address and personal data with nothingbarredfitness.com and to be contacted via email about online coaching/training.