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    Do you:

    • Have stubborn fat that you just can’t shift?
    • Want to get stronger and gain muscle?
    • Want a leaner and more athletic appearance?
    • Want to feel more confident and attractive?

    These are all things I help people to achieve.

    You can do this on your own.

    The information is out there on the internet for free.

    But you have probably tried that already.

    The problem is this: There’s too much information out there and loads of it is BAD!

    How long will it take you to sift through all the mountains of information to figure out:

    • What is the RIGHT information?
    • What is the most important stuff you should prioritise that makes the most difference?
    • What is the stuff that makes little difference that you probably don’t need to worry about?
    • What is completely false that you should ignore?

    I know how long it takes to sort the good information from the bad. Because that’s what I did.

    I spent years reading blogs, books & journals, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos.

    I spent years trying different things and seeing what worked.

    I wasted years by going it alone, before I eventually figured out the keys to fat loss and gaining muscle.

    You can do it on your own, but only if you’re happy to make little to no progress for the considerable future while you figure it all out.

    If you want me to get you on the right plan for you NOW, then apply for coaching today by filling out the form on this page!

    The best thing you’ll get out of coaching, is this:

    You’ll learn how fat loss and muscle gain works. When you know this, you’re safe in the knowledge that you will never have to worry about being unhappy with your body again, for the rest of your life.

    Here’s what it’s like to work with me:

    • You’ll get a custom workout program that suits your goals, ability, schedule and available equipment.
    • You get a fat loss or muscle gain diet framework, tailored to you, that immediately gets you on the right path for your goal!
    • Absolutely no rigid diet plans, no banned foods, no restrictive rules.
    • Yes, you’ll have to make some changes, but my approach is flexible and incorporates foods you enjoy.
    • You don’t have to completely cut out carbs – or anything you enjoy eating.
    • I supply you with the most important information (made simple) that will help you to get results as fast as possible!
    • You get access to a support infrastructure that makes it easy for you to access help, whenever you need it.
    • Contact me via email, through my dedicated coaching discord server and through my Training App (which is also where you access and track your workout program). Any question answered in detail!
    • I’ll check in regularly, keep you accountable and provide motivation.
    • You have the opportunity weekly to book in a call with me (optional) to discuss anything you like in detail!
    • I’ll regularly send helpful extra content!
    • You get access to all of my paid products and premium content, including a huge video library of helpful material – like how to avoid binge eating at night, how to make progress when there’s a birthday BBQ at the weekend and how to incorporate things like alcohol and chocolate without ruining any progress!

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